Sunday, August 2, 2009

The BIG announcement

Yes Mom, that big announcement (though Mom has known for many weeks now).

We are PREGNANT...with an actual human child.

I believe it was a mere two posts ago that I said life was pretty routine and unexciting. I also said that I'm grateful for quiet times because something crazy is always right around the corner.....I may be psychic. Mike and I are excited beyond belief and are all geared up for this next adventure. And believe me Pregnancy has been an adventure. I am 10 weeks pregnant today. That's half way through the 3rd month. I've been sick and tired. I had a freak out moment at 8 weeks when I started spotting (sorry about the gory details but this is what we preggo women share, it's kinda like we turn 80 temporarily) and thought for sure it was a miscarriage. It wasn't. I went to my Midwife for my first prenatal visit and everything is right on track. Apparently this is the only time in my life when sore boobs, gas, bloating, cramping and constant nausea are all really good signs. Here's a pic of the sonogram from that visit.

Baby is in the top left of the picture between the two crosses. Grandma Laurie calls it 'peanut' and Daddy calls it the 'Gingerbread Man.'

So now you can all expect me to be one of those annoying blogger's that posts ultrasound pictures that are barely discernible and tell you every detail of my pregnancy.... and later the baby's life, Whether you care or not. (Believe me, it's OK, I find those blogs slightly annoying myself. Like: I don't care if junior did a poo poo today). But, alas, that is my fate..... and yours too! Love you all!