Monday, January 26, 2009

You should definitely try this

If you have cats, that is. In the spirit of my abiding love for animals (especially my pets, see below) I want to share with you a few little secrets: 1. CATS ARE CARNIVORES. You know....meat eaters? NOT OMNIVORES. Veggie and meat eaters. 2. Most, basically all, commercially available (dry and wet) cat foods have grains, veggies, fruit, sugars and other various fillers in them. It's the ingredients. 3. Even the prescription diet foods that your vet sells contain these ingredients. 4. Most vets want to help but haven't received much training in animal nutrition. Believe it. And so rely on the pet food companies so called nutritionists to educate you...bah!

Let me tell you a little story. Chrissy (again see below) is fat....well was fat. She weighed about 17 lbs a year ago. That's, like, dog sized. She was unable to move much, she couldn't groom herself and I was starting to see signs of diabetes. I'd always been doing what I thought was the right thing by feeding her "high quality" (i.e. expensive) dry indoor formula cat food. So I couldn't figure it out. I started doing some research (Yeah, research, ever heard of it?) and using my brain, which, happens to be very full of animal facts. Hmm, I said to myself, what does a lion, tiger, leopard, bobcat, stray domestic cat, etc. eat? Meat. They eat Meat! epiphany. So I googled it and I got this amazing web site

On her website, Anne, advocates a raw, all meat diet for cats. I've been feeding Chrissy and Alex this homemade, organic, raw meat food now for a year or more. Chrissy has lost 4lbs (that's a lot when you're a cat) and now she can have fun, groom her own bottom and back, and she's no longer prediabetic. The proof is in the poodin' they say. Plus, you remember the contaminated pet food scare a couple of years back? Well I do, and let me tell ya there is no danger of my cats ingesting plastic poison from China anymore!

I know what your thinking...that's gross, I don't have time, what about salmonella, it's too expensive. First, there is little danger to you or your animals if you handle the food properly, just like you would for yourself. I'm not gonna lie though...there is a little gross out factor (but you get used to it), it takes a little more time (but it's easy and with practice, takes less and less time) and it's initially more expensive than commercial food (You have to buy the equipment and vitamins but it ends up costing about 20 bucks to make a two week supply of actual food, that's about what it costs to buy "good quality" dry). love your pets right? So it's pretty much worth it.

Thankfully, for you busy and easily grossed out people...more and more retailers are carrying prepackaged frozen raw meat diets. Hey, there are even some dry foods that have no grains or veggies on the market now. And I've noticed (by reading the ingredients) that some, but not all, Fancy Feast canned recipes have little or no carbs. So there's something out there for everyone. These options are better than most other cat foods, but I still recommend homemade.

Here are some pictures of the process from I was going to take pictures of me doing it but, really, it looks just like this soooo...why?

Go to the website. Educate yourself. And Happy Feeding!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our New Addition

(No Mom not that kind of addition. Not yet).
So we added to our family again and it occurred to me that I haven't posted any introduction to our little family. Though, obviously, most of you who read our blog already know all of us. But, whatever, I took pictures and I'm going to post them dang it.
OK the kids oldest to youngest....

This is Chrysanthemum. Or Chrissy for short. She's 7 years old. She loves her Daddy more than anything in the world. She tolerates her brother most of the time. She can be cranky and aloof but she's not your typical cat. She fetches and she loves people and even kids.

This is Alexander. Alex. This is his usual position. He is 2 years old. He plays and plays and plays, much to his sisters annoyance. He loves to cuddle, especially with his Mommy. He'll talk your ear off too. Remind me to tell you about the tinsel incident one of these days.

And this is our new addition. Elliot. He's a Bearded Dragon. He is just a baby still so he'll get much bigger. He loves crickets, green beans and sitting on his stick in awkward, almost painful looking, positions. He's very friendly and will hang out on your shoulder forever. He hates to be put back in his terrarium.
We love our spoiled rotten little ones and we love being cramed into our little apartment together. We're a family.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now the work begins

I voted for Al Gore and lost

I voted for John Kerry and lost

I voted for Barack Obama and ... Won!

It was truly inspirational to see the inauguration and not because he's the first black president... but because I voted for him, because I think he's what the country needs now.

P.S. I didn't vote for "W" but I also think he may have been the right man for the job back then even though I don't agree with everything he did. He did what the country wanted then and now he's taking the heat for it. I say thanks for your service Bush, you made some mistakes, but the current climate isn't all your doing. We all are responsible...(hello democracy) and we are all responsible for fixing it.

I know what your this girl really Mormon? and a Democrat?

You love me for being completely enigma even... perhaps? Yes, No?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ran across this column on the web and it spoke to me ("Jake" writes for Glamour magazine. "Blossoms" is his wife.). Enjoy...

I was Jake (now I'm married)
You may remember me. I was the old Jake—a tortured, always equivocating bachelor with lots of opinions about what women should and shouldn't do. I am still basically the same;except now I'm hitched, and I'm writing a new weekly column about married life. Check in every week for my uncensored thoughts on everything from married sex to sharing a closet with my shoe junkie wife.

Blossoms gets her male-associated behavior on
"I want a divorce day," Blossoms said to me this afternoon over lunch. I was giving her a hard time about how I felt like she always freaked out if I dropped a sock on the floor, but never noticed if she left a mess around the house.

"You what?" I said.

"I want a divorce day!"

She started laughing. Then I started laughing. All of a sudden I felt totally superior to everyone else sitting at the restaurant, all the conventional unimaginative couples who could never say to each other, "I want a divorce day!" She was saying it's normal to feel like, God, do I have to spend the rest of my life dealing with you and your socks? I need a break! And by acknowledging that we both had that thought, we bonded. God, I loved her at that moment. Is that strange?

"What would you do with your divorce day?" I ask.

"I would go shopping and get into serious credit card debt and not stuff everything I just bought in the bottom of the closet to hide it from you!"

"Well," I said, "you have a divorce day. Get your ass out there and buy a $900 pair of shoes."

"OK," she said. "But will you come with me?"

That, my friends, is marriage at its best.