Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm not a vegetarian

but if I'm gonna eat an animal the very least I can do is make sure it lives with dignity and dies without pain! Vote yes on Prop 2 (if for no other reason than it will help ensure safer food).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I've been thinking...

I've been seriously contemplating starting my own Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business. I know a lot about pets, I'm trustworthy, etc. You guys know me best...tell me what you think. Would you hire me to take care of your pet?

Friday, September 12, 2008


is the study of Reptiles and Amphibians. Remember when I had that epiphany about volunteering until I could find a job? Well, I've completed my first week at Cabrillo National Monument, where I help capture, measure and record lizards and snakes found on the peninsula. All this info is entered into a computer so we can see trends in the population of herps in the preserve. Sadly most species on the Island seem to be leaving due to developement and loss of resources and habitat. I had a lot of fun and I actually felt useful. I'm very proud that I was able to ID each lizard correctly every time! (Finally school pays off) Here are some pictures of my adventures so far....I definitely plan on helping Tracey next month.

Lighthouse that I think is pretty and old (my two favorite things)

An example of an array. The reptiles run down the hill,
hit this fence and have to run along it until they fall into...
a pitfall trap (i.e. a bucket in the ground! GO SCIENCE!)

One of our captures. He's a juvenile Orange Throated Whiptail
( Cnemidophorus hyperythrus).
Tracey, our fearless leader, processing the specimen. He gets "tagged" (each toe is clipped corresponding to a number chart), measured, weighed, a tissue sample if he's big enough, then released.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Weddings and a Road Trip.

Just before Mike left for the CBP Academy, and I mean just before he left, we attended the sealing of two our of dearest friends in the Newport Beach Temple and went on a Road Trip to Idaho to attend the sealing of Mike's cousin, Monica, to her Fiance, Eric. So I thought I'd post some pictures 'n stuff.

On August 22nd, Mike and Stevi were sealed, a moment they had been waiting for for over a year. Mike and I were so honored that they invited us. It was beautiful, especially when they were sealed to their daughter, Zoe, for time and all eternity. They are such a cute family. Mike and Mike share more than just a name, believe me, they are so alike, that sometimes, it's scary. And Stevi is one of those girls who makes you feel right at home, like you've known her forever and you can tell her anything. We love them!

We drove up to Idaho, on the following Monday for Monica and Eric's sealing in the new Idaho Falls Temple. The drive was long (26 hours round trip) and the turn around quick (we only stayed one whole day) but it was well worth it to be with the family during the most special moment of the sealing. They were the first couple to be sealed in that Temple, and it was such a blessing to be able to be there with the family. It was also the last time we'd be able to see Jeff before he leaves on his mission to Hawaii. The Thomson's are one of the most amazing families I've ever met. I feel so lucky to be a part of it. They are warm, and kind, and good, and not to mention hilarious! You can see a lot of Uncle Don in Michael. We saw some of the sights of Twin Falls while we were there and had a great time visiting. We hope to go back soon, when we can spend more time and have some serious outdoor fun!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Mike is now at the Border Patrol Academy in New Mexico. He left yesterday at like 4:30 in the AM. Sorry, I was so distracted by the thought of him being gone, that I never got pictures of him as he left or anything. Plus he got a cold (of course) a couple days ago and was in no mood for pictures. I'm on my own now for about 10 weeks. Mike's first couple of days have gone good. He's very nervous about all the studying and drill Sergent type screaming but I think he'll be fine.

I, on the other hand, am no good on my own. The last time Mike was out of town (for only 3 days, mind you) I thought that someone was trying to break into our apartment. I noticed a lot of rustling in the tree right outside our balcony and I thought someone was climbing it to get on the patio. My heart was racing, I could barely breath, I was scared out of my mind. I was literally screaming "I can see you, I know you're out there, I'm calling the cops right now..." I had dialed 911 and everything. After a couple of seconds and no response from the would be intruder, I got up the courage to walk over and turn on the patio light. I noticed two flashes of white and what sounded like whispering. Then all of a sudden two white, pointed faces looked through the leaves at me. My attackers? Nothing more that two Opossums fighting in the tree...they looked at me like I was an idiot and scampered away. See, told ya, I'm no good on my own.

I plan to work, finish my last math class, find a new home in SD, pack up the apartment, loose more weight and find a new job while Mike is away. Gotta keep busy lest my imagination gets the best of me!