Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It literally makes me cry....

It began at 5:48 Eastern time this morning.

The sealers stormed into the once-peaceful seal nursery with their hakapiks raised. Within a matter of seconds, defenseless baby seals were clubbed and their blood spilled onto the ice. This year the Canadian government will allow commercial sealers to slaughter 280,000 seals for their fur.

Because of the previous support of hundreds of thousands of compassionate people like you, there is a ray of hope amidst the horror.The European Union will consider banning its trade in seal products in a few weeks. But the fishing industry and the Canadian government are lobbying furiously to fight the ban.

Just last week, Russia announced it would halt the killing of baby seals. It's clear the world community is condemning such killing -- increasingly Canada stands alone in defending the slaughter.

I am doing my part to end the slaughter.

I signed the pledge to boycott Canadian seafoood (that means I don't buy it, nor do I patronage any establishment that still refuses to join the boycott). I've signed petitions to the our elected officials and the European union. I keep myself informed and I try to inform all of my friends about the amazing cruelty that goes on in Canada every year.

You can join me. Here's a good place to start http://www.hsus.org/protectseals.html

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