Monday, August 18, 2008

Great News

Read Mike's post below...

So Mike's post was a little short and to the point so I'll elaborate a little. He (or should I say We) started the application process for the Border Patrol back in March. It was the most arduous task I've ever had to go through. I mean the amount of paper work was astounding. Mike passed the physical, written and psychological tests with flying colors and they finally called him on Friday. I'm so proud of him. He reports the the academy on the 3rd and it's all the way in New Mexico. He has to take a Spanish test when he gets there...that we are confident he will pass. Then training begins...then hopefully ends on the 20th of Nov. I'm not gonna lie...I'm terrified at the thought of being separated for that long. We haven't been apart for more than a week since we started dating back in '04. Plus he's going to come back all battle hardened or whatever...with the "Sorry honey, I can't tell you what I did today or I'd have to kill you" routine.

Mike also didn't mention how excited he is to be doing a job that really means something and makes a difference. He'll also get to use his Spanish and immerse himself in the Latin culture that he grew to love so much on his mission in Chile. It's a really great opportunity and that makes it all worth the trouble and scarryness.

He will be stationed in Imperial Beach. Yes...that means we will be moving further South eventually. I'm excited for the new adventure but a little overwhelmed by the suddenness of this. It will be fun and scary to move to a new place. I've lived here since I was 13 and there ain't much to figure out in Temecula, lemme tell ya. But I have been dreaming of living in San Diego since high school. (Mike's also proud that he could help make this dream come true).

I'll post more as we find out more and I'll try to get some pics of his newly shorn head!

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